Accepted posters/Talk alternates (alphabetical order)

Andrea Beltrama Subjective assertions are weak: an experimental study on perspective-dependent meaning.
Mojmír Dočekal and Jakub Dotlacil Strong NPIs vs. n-words: acceptability experiment in Czech

Accepted posters (alphabetical order)

Muriel Assmann, Daniel Büring and Isabella Jordanoska Focus Constraints on Ellipsis — An Unalternatives Account
Corien Bary, Daniel Altshuler, Kristen Syrett and Peter de Swart Factors licensing embedded present tense in speech reports
Anton Benz, Lisa Raithel and Nicole Gotzner Embedded implicature: What can be left unsaid?
Nattanun Chanchaochai On Acquiring a Complex Personal Reference System: Experimental Results from Thai Children with Autism
Ava Creemers, Jérémy Zehr and Florian Schwarz Interpreting Presuppositions in the Scope of Quantifiers: every vs. at least one
Virginia Dawson A new type of epistemic indefinite
Maria Del Mar Bassa Vanrell Variation in the logic of durativity of ‘until’-like particles: A contrastive analysis of English and Spanish
Stefan Hinterwimmer and Cornelia Ebert A Comparison of the Modal Particles fei and aber
Sunwoo Jeong QUD effects on Epistemic Containment Principle: An experimental study
Elsi Kaiser, Justin Nichols and Catherine Wang Choosing who to agree with: A psycholinguistic investigation of agreement mismatches
Frances Kane, Alexandre Cremers, Lyn Tieu, Lynda Kennedy, Yasutada Sudo, Raffaella Folli and Jacopo Romoli Testing theories of temporal inferences: Evidence from child language
Mora Maldonado Strong plurals in Spanish interrogatives
Gabriel Martinez Vera On competing degree morphemes in derived verbs of change in Southern Aymara
Melania S. Masià Extreme nouns and maximizers
A. Marlijn Meijer The pragmatics of embedded propositional proforms: embedding it, that and the NCA
Despina Oikonomou Imperatives: How minimal are they?
Till Poppels and Andrew Kehler Verb Phrase ellipsis is discourse reference: novel evidence from dialogue
Poschmann Claudia, Sascha Bargmann, Christopher Götze, Anke Holler, Manfred Sailer, Gert Webelhuth and T.E. Zimmermann Split-Antecedent Relative Clauses and the Symmetry of Predicates
Vincent Rouillard and Bernhard Schwarz Presuppositional implicatures: Quantity or Maximize Presupposition?
Frank Sode Modal subjects of preference comparatives as an exception to Percus’ Generalization X
Linmin Zhang The semantics of sufficiency and excess